The Deplorable Basket

“…  it certainly should give Democrats pause when they piously condemn the Republican Party’s anti-blackness as “not America” or “out of the mainstream.” It is also illustrative of how racism functions in the political sphere.”

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The Unbound Man

“From older Ali, I learned a deeper version of this lesson. I learned how to fight the battles that you know you will lose.”

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Is Everything Fine?

“Precedent says a candidate in Donald Trump’s position can’t win. But there has never been a candidate like Donald Trump.”

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Obama’s Mistake

“Politics is often defined by irreconcilable differences and inevitable conflict rather than shared values and common interest. This means that the practice of policy and governance is about the pursuit and exercise of power.”

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The Real Winners And Losers Of New Hampshire

You think you know, but you have no idea.

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Altogether Black

“In this context, black self-love is a political act. To be black and to love yourself, not in spite of your blackness but rather because of it — to revel in it, to draw strength and being from it — is an act of rebellion.”

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NFL Advertising, Brought To You By Jenny Holzer

What if the NFL foolishly decided to hand over their marketing budget to feminist artist Jenny Holzer? It’s not hard to imagine.

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